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Mathematical Optimization Society
Optima Newsletter


Optima is the newsletter of the Mathematical Optimization Society (MOS). It contains society news, articles on optimization, information on conferences, and book reviews. This website contains the recent issues of Optima.

Editor: Volker Kaibel
Co-Editors: Samuel Burer, Jeffrey Linderoth
Designer: Christoph Eyrich

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Latest Issues

Optima 104
Sebastian Sager Optimization and Clinical Decision Support
Optima 103
Matthew J. Saltzman A Lightning Tour of the Optimization Modeling Software Landscape
Iain Dunning, Joey Huchette, and Miles Lubin JuMP: An algebraic modeling language in Julia
Stuart Mitchell PuLP
Steven Diamond and Stephen Boyd Convex Optimization in Python with CVXPY
Dirk Schumacher Mixed integer linear programming in R with ompr
Thorsten Koch The ZIMPL modeling language

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Published by the Mathematical Optimization Society and
Gator Engineering(r) Publication Services University of Florida (to Optima 78)

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