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Mathematical Optimization Society


Donald Hearn(10/2021)

Tseng Lectureship 2021

Cl├│vis C. Gonzaga(08/2021)

MOS prizes 2021:
Online Award Ceremony (new tab)
Fulkerson Prize
Dantzig Prize
Beale — Orchard-Hays Prize
Tucker Prize
Lagrange Prize

ISMP is postponed to August 2022 (01/2021)

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Photo Album


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Michel Balinski and George Dantzig at the 5th International Symposium on Mathematical Programming, London, UK, 1964.
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Links to members' online photo albums

Bob Bixby, Rolf Möhring, and George Nemhauser at ISMP 2003, Copenhagen, Denmark. August, 2003.

David Shmoys, John Dennis, and Steve Wright at ISMP 2000, Atlanta, Georgia. August, 2000.
A peek at John Dennis' photo album
Sven Leyffer's page of Hill-climbing optimizers
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