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2003 Dantzig Prize Citation

Jong-Shi Pang is a world leader in the field of equilibrium programming, variational inequalities and complementarity problems. He has made major contributions to the basic theory and algorithms, and to the analysis, solution, and unification of many application problems in these areas. His many books include the classic, "The Linear Complementarity Problem", written jointly with R.W. Cottle and R.E. Stone, which won the 1994 INFORMS Lanchester Prize. Pang's numerous papers have helped shape the careers of many outstanding young researchers world wide and have attracted many of them to work in the important field of mathematical programming. This, coupled with the breadth and profoundness of his work, makes Pang eminently deserving of the Dantzig Prize.

Alexander Schrijver has made deep and fundamental research contributions to discrete optimization, including the applications of the ellipsoid method in combinatorial optimization, disjoint paths on surfaces, matrix cones and their applications, polyhedral and cutting plane theory, and submodular functions. His landmark book "Theory of Linear and Integer Programming" and his three-volume work "Combinatorial Optimization: Polyhedra and Efficiency" constitute definitive accounts of the history and present state of discrete optimization, and will influence researchers for decades to come. Characterized by insights that are both broad and deep, and by a continual pursuit of simplification and unity, Schrijver's work is scholarship at its best.