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Mathematical Optimization Society

MOS Prizes

MOS Prizes


"Rewards for outstanding work in a field promote its quality as well as bring it deserving publicity."

MOS awards prizes to promote excellence and to reward achievement in mathematical optimization. Most prizes are awarded at the triennial Symposium of the Society. Some are co-sponsored by other professional societies, including the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics and the American Mathematical Society.

The available prizes are listed on the left.

Find here a video of the MOS Online Award Ceremony 2021 (will open in new tab).

MOS Prize Bylaws

The MOS prize bylaws are described in detail in the MOS Bylaws [pdf], which also serves as the official document.

Awarding the Prizes

  1. Prizes will normally be awarded in a ceremony at a Symposium. If a winner does not attend the award ceremony, the Society will send the award via registered mail to any address designated by the winner.
  2. In the absence of an acceptance or appropriate mailing instructions from a winner within a reasonable time, all material parts of the award will be deemed to be forfeited and revert to the Society. In the event of such a forfeiture the winner will continue to be listed as a prize winner, unless the Society has been specifically requested not to do so by the winner. If a winner seeks at some future time to claim a forfeited award, the Council must approve payment of the forfeited award.
  3. All prize winners will be informed of their selection prior to the prize's award ceremony. The above procedure permits a prize to be awarded even if the winner does not respond promptly to the notice of the award. This may occur if there is insufficient time between notification of the winner and the award ceremony to permit the winner to respond.

Supporting the Prizes

If a fund for any prize sponsored or cosponsored by the Society is depleted, the Society may consider supporting the prizes out of its own resources, but it is under no obligation to provide any such support, except as noted in the bylaws for a specific prize.