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Paul Y. Tseng Memorial Lectureship in Continuous Optimization

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past winners

The Paul Y. Tseng Memorial Lectureship in Continuous Optimization was established in 2011 and will be presented for the first time at the Twenty First International Symposium of Mathematical Programming (ISMP) in 2012, and triennally at each ISMP thereafter. The lectureship was established on the initiative of family and friends of Professor Tseng, with financial contributions to the endowment also coming from universities and companies in the Asia Pacific region. The purposes of the lectureship are to commemorate the outstanding contributions of Professor Tseng in continuous optimization and to promote the research and applications of continuous optimization in the Asia Pacific region.

Principal Guidelines

The lectureship is awarded to an individual for outstanding contributions in the area of continuous optimization. Judging will be based primarily on the mathematical originality, significance, and impact of the individuals contributions in practical applications. The Tseng lecture will be arranged in a time slot devoted to the presentation of named lectures at the Society's Symposium. The lectureship includes a certifcate containing the citation and a cash prize whose amount is to be determined prior to presentation by agreement between the Society Chair and the Chair of the Chinese Mathematical Programming Society (CMPS), taking into account of the return on the endowment during the preceding 3-year period.

Selection Committee

The Chair of Mathematical Optimization Society (MOS) and the Chair of the Chinese Mathematical Programming Society (CMPS) jointly appoint a selection committee consisting of four members (the "Lecture Committee"), to include at least two members of MOS and at least two members of CMPS. The MOS Chair will designate one of the members as the Chair of the Lecture Committee. Appointments to the Lecture Committee should be made at least sixteen months prior to the Symposium. The Lecture Committee will deliver a report with its selection for the Tseng lecturer at least four months prior to the Symposium. The Lecture Committee will complete its duties with the awarding of the lectureship. If the Lecture Committee reports that no lecturer can be selected, then the duties of the committee will be completed. The Lecture Committee will devise its own procedures for soliciting nominations.


To be eligible for a Tseng lectureship, a candidate must have made signifcant contributions to the field of continuous optimization, consisting of original theoretical results, innovative applications or successful software development. The primary consideration in the selection process is the quality and impact of candidates work in continuous optimization. A secondary consideration is to select candidates with strong interests to promote continuous optimization research in the Asia Pacific region (for example, a research leader from that region). However, there is no geographic restriction on the candidates.


The Lecture Committee is responsible for sollicitation and evaluation of nominations. A call for nominations should be placed in appropriate publications, including the Society's newsletter Optima. The Lecture Committee's selection for the Tseng lecturer should be presented, via the Lecture Committee Chair, to the Society's Chair at least five months prior to the International Symposium. This selection must be accompanied by a written justification and a citation of about 100 words, in a form that can be read during the prize session of the Symposium's opening ceremony and prior to the lecture. Rejection of the Lecture Committee's selection by the Society's Chair will nullify the proposal. In this event, the Lecture Committee may make a second selection.

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Past Winners of the Paul Y. Tseng Memorial Lectureship

Year Winners Jury
2012 Yinyu Ye S. Leyffer (chair), D. Li, S. Ulbrich, N. Xiu
2015 Masao Fukushima X. Chen, Y. Dai, T. Luo, Y. Ye (chair)
2018 Zhi-Quan Luo Yuhong Dai, Luis Nunes Vicente, Ya-xiang Yuan, Shuzhong Zhang (chair)
2021 Yin Zhang Tom Luo (chair), Jim Burke, Dachuan Xu, Liwei Zhang