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Mathematical Optimization Society


Inaugural International MIP Workshop to be held at ITT Mumbai, India (02/2024)

ICCOPT 2025 will be held at USC (01/2024)

Call for nominations: Fulkerson Prize 2024 (11/2023)

Call for site preproposals ISMP 2027 (11/2023)

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MOS Publications


Mathematical Programming Journal, Series A and Series B

MOS publishes the journal Mathematical Programming, which contains original articles dealing with all aspects of mathematical optimization.

See here for further details, including aims and scope, editorial boards, instructions for authors and latex style files, and electronic access.

Mathematical Programming Studies, the predecessor of Mathematical Programming, Series B, is available online at SpringerLink, with free access to MOS members when logging in with the personal username and password.

Mathematical Programming Computation

Mathematical Programming Computation (MPC) publishes original research articles covering computational issues in mathematical programming. Articles report on innovative software, comparative tests, modeling environments, libraries of data, and/or applications. A main feature of the journal is the inclusion of accompanying software and data with submitted manuscripts.

See here for further details, including aims and scope, editorial boards, instructions for authors and latex style files, and electronic access.

The Newsletter: Optima

Optima is the newsletter of MOS. It contains society news, articles on optimization, information on conferences, and book reviews. See the Optima website for the recent issues of Optima and important mathematical programming links.

Optimization Online

Optimization Online is an online repository of new technical reports in optimization. Established in 2000 and sponsored by MOS, the repository encourages submissions in all areas of optimization. You can register at the site to receive a monthly digest listing the latest submissions.

MOS/SIAM Series on Optimization

The MOS/SIAM Series on optimization is published jointly with the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics. The series includes research monographs, textbooks at all levels, books on applications, and tutorials.

The MOS-SIAM Series on Optimization covers the entire spectrum of optimization. We welcome traditional research monographs, books on applications, textbooks at all levels, and tutorials. Specific application areas might include such fields as aerospace design, molecular biology, chemical process control, logistics/transportation science, manufacturing, or telecommunications. The aim of such books should be to increase communication between disciplinary specialists in the application area and optimization specialists. Textbooks are especially welcome, as the health of the profession depends on training the next generation of specialists. To this end, our goal is to expand the available selection for undergraduate and graduate optimization courses. To be considered for the series, a manuscript must advance the understanding and practice of optimization. It must also be clearly written and at an appropriate level. The content must be of high scientific quality.

See the MOS/SIAM Series website or the MOS/SIAM Series on Optimization brochure for further information.

COAL Newsletter

The Committee on Algorithms (COAL) was formerly a standing committee of MOS. COAL published a newsletter/bulletin through 1993. Scanned versions of some of the newspapers are available here.

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