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Tucker Prize - Call for nominations 2024 (10/2023)

Updates on MOS Officers (09/2023)

IPCO 2024 will be held in Wrocław, Poland and MIP 2024 in Lexington, US (07/2023)

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Call for site pre-proposals ISMP 2024

The Symposium Advisory Committee (SAC) of the Mathematical Optimization Society issues a call for pre-proposals to organize and host ISMP 2024, the triennial International Symposium on Mathematical Programming. ISMP is the flagship event of our society, regularly gathering over a thousand scientists from around the world. The conference is usually held in or around the month of August. Hosting ISMP provides a vital service to the mathematical optimization community and often has a lasting effect on the visibility of the hosting institution. This call for pre-proposals is addressed at local groups willing to take up the challenge of this great enterprise.

Preliminary bids will be examined by the Symposium Advisory Committee (SAC), which will then issue invitations for detailed bids. The final decision will be made and announced during ISMP 2021 in Beijing. Members of the SAC are

  • Luis Nunes Vicente, USA, chair
  • Regina S. Burachik, Australia
  • Xiaojun Chen, Hong Kong - China
  • Sandra Augusta Santos, Brazil
  • Stein W. Wallace, Norway
  • David P. Williamson, USA
  • John R. Birge, USA (ex officio)
  • David Morton, USA (ex officio)

Preliminary bids should be brief and contain information pertaining to the

  1. location,
  2. facilities,
  3. logistics: accommodation and transportation, and
  4. likely local organizers.

Further information can be obtained from any member of the SAC. Please address your preliminary bids until October 15, 2020 to Luis Nunes Vicente (lnv@lehigh.edu).