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Mathematical Optimization Society
Optima Newsletter


Optima is the newsletter of the Mathematical Optimization Society (MOS). It contains society news, articles on optimization, information on conferences, and book reviews. This website contains the recent issues of Optima.

Editor: Sebastian Pokutta
Co-Editors: Swati Gupta, Omid Nohadani
Designer: Christoph Eyrich

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Latest Issues

Optima 106
Mohit Singh and Santosh S. Vempala Group Fairness in Optimization and Clustering
Swati Gupta, Vijay Kamble and Jad Salem Algorithmic Challenges in Ensuring Temporal Fairness in Online Decision-Making
Jonathan Eckstein The Evolution of Mathematical Programming Computation
Optima 105
Dimitris Bertsimas and Michael Lingzhi Li The Delphi Model for Epidemiological Predictions for COVID-19 and Its Applications

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Published by the Mathematical Optimization Society and
Gator Engineering(r) Publication Services University of Florida (to Optima 78)

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