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Inaugural International MIP Workshop to be held at ITT Mumbai, India (02/2024)

ICCOPT 2025 will be held at USC (01/2024)

Call for nominations: Fulkerson Prize 2024 (11/2023)

Call for site preproposals ISMP 2027 (11/2023)

More News

Announcement for ISMP 2021/22

Find the complete schedule of ISMP 2021/2022 here.

The Organizing Committee of ISMP 2021/2022 in Beijing together with the Program Committee and Mathematical Optimization Society Leadership have reached the decision not to hold an in-person meeting in the end, because an international meeting is not possible in Beijing in August, due to strict quarantine requirements.

For the past few months the Program Committee has considered possibilities of an alternative location, but due to the wave of Omicron and other constraints, no suitable alternative has been found.

It was thus decided that ISMP in 2022 will consist ONLY of virtual invited talks. They will be streamed live during the originally scheduled week (August 15-19) as well as recorded and will be available to all MOS members.

The list of the speakers is as follows:

Tseng Memorial Lecture:

  • Yin Zhang, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Plenary speakers:

Semi-plenary speakers:

The talks will be scheduled and streamed one at a time (no parallel talks) using Zoom webinar platform. Each talk will be followed by a Q&A session. The talks will be scheduled at different times of the day in an effort to reach the world-wide MOS community. The recording will be available from the MOS website. The webinar and the recording will be accessible to anyone with an MOS membership, by using the email associated with the MOS membership. No special registration is required, however, the participants, need to make sure to renew their membership no later than August 7th!

You can renew your membership here or you can join MOS here, if you have not already done so.