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Inaugural International MIP Workshop to be held at ITT Mumbai, India (02/2024)

ICCOPT 2025 will be held at USC (01/2024)

Call for nominations: Fulkerson Prize 2024 (11/2023)

Call for site preproposals ISMP 2027 (11/2023)

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Mathematical Programming Journal,
Series A and Series B

Mathematicians, Econometricians, Operations Researchers

Aims and Scope: Mathematical Programming publishes original articles dealing with every aspect of mathematical optimization; that is, everything of direct or indirect use concerning the problem of optimizing a function of many variables, often subject to a set of constraints. This involves theoretical and computational issues as well as application studies. Included, along with the standard topics of linear, nonlinear, integer, conic, stochastic and combinatorial optimization, are techniques for formulating and applying mathematical programming models, convex, nonsmooth and variational analysis, the theory of polyhedra, variational inequalities, and control and game theory viewed from the perspective of mathematical programming. The editorial boards are particularly interested in novel applications of mathematical programming and interfaces with engineering, economics, and computer science. Articles primarily concered with computational issues such as implementation and testing should in general be submitted to Mathematical Programming Computation.

Mathematical Programming consists of two series. Series A publishes original research articles, expositions and surveys, and reports on computational experimentation and new or innovative practical applications as well as short communications dealing with the above. Issues of Series B each focus on a single subject of current interest to the mathematical programming community. Each issue of Series B has one or more guest editors, who need not be members of the editorial board. An issue may be a collection of original articles, a single research monograph or a selection of papers from a conference.

Mathematical Programming Studies, the predecessor of Mathematical Programming, Series B, is available online at SpringerLink, with free access to MOS members when logging in with the personal username and password.

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Mathematical Programming Computation

Computer Scientists, Mathematicians, Operations Researchers

Aims and Scope: Mathematical Programming Computation (MPC) publishes original research articles covering computational issues in mathematical optimization. Articles report on innovative software, comparative tests, modeling environments, libraries of data, and/or applications. A main feature of the journal is the inclusion of accompanying software and data with submitted manuscripts. The journal's review process includes the evaluation and testing of the accompanying software. Where possible, the review will aim for verification of reported computational results.

Topics covered in MPC include linear programming, convex optimization, nonlinear optimization, stochastic optimization, robust optimization, integer programming, combinatorial optimization, global optimization, network algorithms, and modeling languages.

MPC supports the creation and distribution of open-source software. Submitted software is archived with the corresponding research articles. The software is not updated and the journal is not intended to be the point of distribution for the software. The author's licensing information is included with the archived software. Articles describing non-open software are also considered for publication, provided reviewers are given access to executable codes that can be used to evaluate reported computational results.

Link to the Mathematical Programming Computation home page.

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Editorial Boards Series A and B

All information on the editorial boards of Mathematical Programming A and B can be found here.

Editorial Board MPC

All information on the editorial board of Mathematical Programming Computation can be found here.



Springer Web Site for Mathematical Programming
(Springer has published the journal since January 1999.)

Instructions for Authors: Includes information on preparing and submitting your paper.

Springer has an online platform for submitting papers to Mathematical Programming A.

SpringerLink: Electronic access to published papers

LateX Style Files

The MPA and MPB style files (including the LateX2e class file, a template LateX2e source file, a modification clo file, the user guide, and supplementc) maybe downloaded from the Springer web page.


Springer has an online platform for submitting papers to Mathematical Programming A.


The journal is indexed in the following publications:

  • ACM Computing Reviews,
  • Cambridge Scientific Abstracts,
  • Engineering Index,
  • ISI Current Contents,
  • Mathematical Reviews,
  • QCAS,
  • Statistical Theory and Method Abstracts,
  • Theoretical Physics,
  • Zentralblatt f374r Mathematik

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