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Mathematical Optimization Society


Tucker Prize - Call for nominations 2024 (10/2023)

Updates on MOS Officers (09/2023)

IPCO 2024 will be held in Wrocław, Poland and MIP 2024 in Lexington, US (07/2023)

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Our Tax-Exempt Status...

The United States Internal Revenue Service has determined that the Society is exempt from federal income taxes pursuant to Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, as amended. Pursuant to this exemption, members of the public may inspect at no charge copies of the Society's exempt application and three most recent federal information returns at the Society's principal offices during normal business hours. The Society's principal office is located on the sixth floor at 3600 University City Science Center in Philadelphia, PA in the United States of America. Moreover, members of the public may request in person or in writing copies of any or any part of each of these documents.

Written requests may be directed to Ms. Stacey Hornyak

  • by mail to
    Mathematical Optimization Society, Inc.
    3600 University City Science Center
    Philadelphia, PA
    USA 19104-2688
  • by fax to (215) 386-7999;
  • or by e-mail to service@mathopt.org.

The Society, however, has the right to obtain reasonable reproduction and postage costs, if applicable, before providing such copies.