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Optima Newsletter


Optima is the newsletter of the Mathematical Optimization Society (MOS). It contains society news, articles on optimization, information on conferences, and book reviews. This website contains the recent issues of Optima.

Editor: Sebastian Pokutta
Co-Editors: Swati Gupta, Omid Nohadani
Designer: Christoph Eyrich

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Contents Optima 52-106

Optima 106
Mohit Singh and Santosh S. Vempala Group Fairness in Optimization and Clustering
Swati Gupta, Vijay Kamble and Jad Salem Algorithmic Challenges in Ensuring Temporal Fairness in Online Decision-Making
Jonathan Eckstein The Evolution of Mathematical Programming Computation
Optima 105
Dimitris Bertsimas and Michael Lingzhi Li The Delphi Model for Epidemiological Predictions for COVID-19 and Its Applications
Optima 104
Sebastian Sager Optimization and Clinical Decision Support
Optima 103
Matthew J. Saltzman A Lightning Tour of the Optimization Modeling Software Landscape
Iain Dunning, Joey Huchette, and Miles Lubin JuMP: An algebraic modeling language in Julia
Stuart Mitchell PuLP
Steven Diamond and Stephen Boyd Convex Optimization in Python with CVXPY
Dirk Schumacher Mixed integer linear programming in R with ompr
Thorsten Koch The ZIMPL modeling language
Optima 102
Henry Wolkowicz Obituary for Jonathan M. Borwein
Marida Bertocchi and David P. Morton Obituary for Jitka Dupacova
Jorge Nocedal Obituary for Roger Fletcher
Ignacio Grossmann Obituary for Chris Floudas
Andrzej Ruszscynski Obituary for Andras Prekopa
Alan J. Hoffman Obituary for Philip Starr Wolfe
Optima 101
Volker Kaibel, Jon Lee, Jeff Linderoth You have to figure out who your customer is going to be - An interview with Bob Bixby
Martin Grötschel Comments on Bob Bixby ’s interview: Mathematics and the Real World
Bill Cook Comments on Bob Bixby ’s interview: Beauty in the Details
Optima 100
Frank Vallentin Optimization in discrete geometry
Etienne de Klerk Computer-assisted proofs and semidefinite programming
Henry Cohn When are semidefinite programming bounds sharp?
Optima 99
Sven Leyffer It's to Solve Problems - An Interview with Roger Fletcher
Philippe Toint Impressions of Roger's Interview
Frank E. Curtis Young Researchers Would Be Wise to Read this Interview!
Coralia Cartis, Andreas Griewank, Philippe Toint and Ya-xiang Yuan Obituary for Mike Powell
Jong-Shi Pang Obituary for Che-Lin Su
Optima 98
Sanjeeb Dash and Jean-Francois Puget On quadratic unconstrained binary optimization problems defined on Chimera graphs
Matthias Troyer Quantum annealing and the D-Wave devices
Egon Balas In memoriam Manfred Padberg
Optima 97
Thomas Rothvoss The matching polytope has exponential extension complexity
Jack Edmonds A glimpse of heaven is feeling you understand something beautiful
Daniel Bienstock Mathematical Programming Computation
Optima 96
Warren B. Powell Bridging the Fields of Stochastic Optimization
Andrzej Ruszczynski Few Remarks on Stochastic Dynamic Optimization
Optima 95
Marguerite Frank The History of the Frank-Wolfe Algorithm
Martin Jaggi and Zaid Harchaoui The Recent Revival of the Frank-Wolfe Algorithm
Optima 94
Ruud Brekelmans, Carel Eijgenraam, Dick den Hertog and Kees Roos A Mixed Integer Nonlinear Optimization Approach to Optimize Dike Heights in the Netherlands
Michael Trick The Franz Edelman Award and Optimization: A Wonderful Partnership
Optima 93
Daniel Bienstock Progress on solving power flower problems
Larry Snyder Multi-period optimal power flow problems
Optima 92
Robert D. Nowak, Benjamin Recht, and Joel A. Tropp Report from the 2013 SILO Workshop
Stephen J. Wright Remarks on Optimization in SILO
Optima 91
Nikkhil Bansal, Matteo Fischetti, Giuseppe Lancia, Adam N. Letchford, Andrea Lodi, Michele Monaci, Ulrich Pferschy, David Pisinger, Juan-José Salazar-Gonzáles, Maxim Sviridenko, and Paolo Toth Alberto Caprara (1968-2012): Scientific Contributions
Optima 90
Jens Vygen New approximation algorithms for the TSP
Optima 89
Immanuel M. Bomze, Mirjam Dür, and Chung-Piaw Teo Copositive Optimization
Monique Laurent Copositive vs. moment hierarchies for stable sets
Optima 88
Coralia Cartis, Nicholas I. M. Gould and Philippe L. Toint How Much Patience Do You Have? A Worst-Case Perspective on Smooth Nonconvex Optimization
Yurii Nesterov How to Make the Gradients Small
Optima 87
Jesús A. De Loera New Insights into the Complexity and Geometry of Linear Optimization
Optima 86
Gianpaolo Oriolo, Gautier Stauffer and Paolo Ventura Stable Sets in Claw-Free Graphs: Recent Achievements and Future Challenges
Manfred W. Padberg Node Packings in Graphs and Claw Free Graphs
Optima 85
Volker Kaibel Extended Formulations in Combinatorial Optimization
Laurence A. Wolsey Using Extended Formulations in Practice
Mihalis Yannakakis On Extended LP Formulations
Optima 84
Grace Hechme-Doukopoulos, Sandrine Brignol-Charousset, Jérome Malick, Claude Lemaréchal The short-term electricity production management problem at EDF
Antonio Frangioni Unit Commitment problems: A tale in Lagrangian optimization
Optima 83
James Ostrowski, Jeff Linderoth, Fabrizio Rossi and Stefano Smriglio Solving Steiner Triple Covering Problems
Optima 82
Jay Sethuraman Mechanism Design for House Allocation Problems: A Short Introduction
Garud Iyengar and Anuj Kumar Parametric Network Flows in Adword Auctions
Optima 81
Jesús A. De Loera Counting and Estimating Lattice Points: Tools from Algebra, Analysis, Convexity, and Probability
Gilles Pesant Counting and Estimating Lattice Points: Special Polytopes for Branching Heuristics in Constraint Programming
Optima 80
Santanu S. Dey and Andrea Tramontani Recent Developments in Multi-Row Cuts
Optima 79
Katya Scheinberg Geometry in model-based algorithms for derivative-free unconstrained optimization
Jorge Nocedal Finding the middle ground between first and second-order methods
Optima 78
Yurii Nesterov How to advance in Structural Convex Optimization
Alexandre d′Aspremont Smooth Semidefinite Optimization
Javier Pena Nash equilibria computation via smoothing techniques
Optima 77
Matthew J. Saltzmann Notes on a Panel Discussion on Benchmarks at INFORMS Puerto Rico, July 2007
Francois Margot Testing Cut Generators for MILP
Optima 76
Marco Locatelli and Fabio Schoen Structure Prediction and Global Optimization
Optima 75
Pierre Bonami, John J. Forrest, Jon Lee and Andreas Wächter Rapid Development of an Open-source Minlp Solver with COIN-OR
Optima 74
Tim Roughgarden Selfish Routing and the Price of Anarchy
Optima 73
Gerhard J. Woeginger Match, match, match, and match again
Optima 72
Matteo Fischetti and Andrea Lodi Local Branching: Basics and Extensions
Optima 71
Bertrand Guenin Binary Clutters and Multicommodity Flows
Robert A. Bosch Monochromatic Squares
Optima 70
Gérard Cornuéjols The Strong Perfect Graph Theorem
Robert A. Bosch Constructing Nontransitive Dice
Optima 69
Robert Weismantel Primal Integer Programming
Optima 68
Gerhard J. Woeginger Exact algorithms for NP-hard problems
Optima 67
Robert A. Bosch Digit Tiles
Robert A. Bosch Two Domino Problems Revisited
Optima 66
Michael C. Ferris, Gábor Pataki and Stefan Schmieta Solving the seymour problem
Optima 65
Cor A. J. Hurkens and Gerhard J. Woeginger Solution of a weighting problem
Stephen J. Wright Solving Optimization Problems on Computational Grids
Robert A. Bosch Painting by Numbers
Optima 64
Lisa Fleischer Recent Progress in Submodular Function Minimization
Robert A. Bosch Lights Out
Optima 63
Robert A. Bosch ‘Set’less Collections of SET Cards
Optima 62
Martin Grötschel Characterizations of Perfect Graphs
Robert A. Bosch Peaceably Coexisting Armies of Queens
Optima 61
Eva K. Lee, Richard J. Gallagher and Marco Zaider Planning Implants of Radionuclides for the Treatment of Prostate Cancer: An Application of Mixed Integer Programming
Robert A. Bosch Maximizing Vitality
Optima 60
Robert A. Bosch A Pentomino Exclusion Problem
Optima 59
Robert Michael Lewis, Virginia Torczon and Michael W. Trosset Why Pattern Search Works
Optima 58
David Karger Randomization in Graph Optimization Problems: A Survey
Robert E. Bixby, Sebastian Ceria, Cassandra M. McZeal and Martin W.P. Savelsbergh An Updated Mixed Integer Programming Library: MIPLIB 3.0
Optima 57
Norbert Ascheuer, Martin Gröetschel, Jörg Raumbau and Nicola Kamin Combinatorial Online Optimization in Practice
Optima 56
John Dennis Optimization: An essential tool for decision support
Optima 55
Optima 54
Susanne Albers Competitive Online Algorithms
Optima 53
John Dennis Nominations for 1997 Elections
Optima 52
János D. Pintér Continuous Global Optimization Software: A Brief Review

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